New release of ST011-2 "Series 0 Shinkansen West Hikari"!

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New release of ST011-2 "Series 0 Shinkansen West Hikari"!

We will release ST011-2 "Series 0 Shinkansen West Hikari" as a new Z Shorty series.
We would like to explain what is Z Shorty and ST011-2 "Series 0 Shinkansen West Hikari" .

【What is Z Shorty ?】
The Z Shorty is a kinds of Z-gauge standard car that can make run on a smallest track layout
Layout size is almost half size of A4 paper.
Smallest oval track size is approx. 160mm X 110mm by L55mm and R45-45deg tracks.

It has same Z gauge standard car body except shorten car body length.  
Dummy chassis are set under each car body.
This is cute display model and make run on Z gauge standard tracks once changed to powered chassis from dummy chassis.
Those products are released from Rokuhan.

【Z Shorty Product Specifications】
The body length is almost half size of original Z scale car, but it has hi detail design. 
Any Shorty body can be set on powered chassis or trailer chassis (both sold separately)
They can make run on standard Z gauge tracks.

【What is Series 0 Shinkansen ?】
Series 0 Shinkansen is the first Shinkansen train which started regular operation in 1964.
This is the first train in the world to exceed max. speed over 200 km/h in regular operation.
Series 0 Shinkansen gave much impact for development of high-speed trains in other countries, 
Especially for the TGV in France and the ICE in Germany.

Series 0 Shinkansen was no longer in operation.
However, this is most important historically significant trains in the world.
So, they are stored in some Japanese railway museum, also in U.K. and Taiwan.

The "West Hikari" was born under the competition with airplanes as how fast transport
passenger on safely.
Body exterior color was changed to pearl white color from ivory color and added narrow blue
stripe under windows flame.

【ST011-2 Series 0 Shinkansen West Hikari】JP¥2,178/pack

【Z Shorty Series 0 Shinkansen West Hikari 3-Car Set  Product Specifications】

ROKUHAN West Hikari is produced based on the train that operated as Sk25 formation
until year 2000.

ST011-2 Intermediate body can be set on SA002-1 powered chassis (sold separately)
  and Front/Rear body can be set on SA004-1 trailer chassis (sold separately)
Pantograph is made of etched metal plate and can be set position as up or down.
Front/Rear cover can be taken out and connect with other Z cars by draw bar.


ROKUHAN will release ST011-2 Series 0 Shinkansen West Hikari on this winter.
Please take contact with your local distributor to make a reservation.

The products shown in the images are all taken from prototypes.
 Please note that the actual product may differ slightly.
ST011-2 ROKUHAN Series 0 Shinkansen West Hikari is approved by West Japan Railway Company.

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