New release of Z Shorty Type 923 Doctor Yellow!

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New release of Z Shorty Type 923 Doctor Yellow!

Thank you for your continued interest in ROKUHAN products.

We would like to introduce New Shorty Body series "Doctor Yellow."

【ST004-1 Z Shorty Type 923 Doctor Yellow】 ¥1,380 (excluding tax)


【What is Type 923 Doctor Yellow ?】

Type 923 Doctor Yellow is not for passenger use, but it inspects rail tracks and 
  electrical wire condition by hi speed run.

Base model is Type 700 Shinkansen, but Type 923 has original design body as 
  different pantograph and window design

Type 923 has special function like maintenance car and has brilliant yellow color body.
Therefore, this is called "Doctor Yellow"

【Specification of ST004-1 Z Shorty Type 923 Doctor Yellow】 

Redesigned short body and express distinctive window and pantograph design.

Change dummy chassis to SA002-1 Motor chassis B and SA004-1 trailer chassis B,
then it can be run on ROKUHAN and other Z gage tracks.

Including 3 drawbar for connecting 3 dummy chassis.

We will start delivery in September 2018 aty Japanese market
and we gradually release it at another market


Image and pictures are not final. 

Appearance and specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Please be advised that we shall not be responsible for any breakdown, 
  damages and troubles, if it is used for other purpose.

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