Introduction of Z Shorty from Rokuhan!

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Introduction of Z Shorty from Rokuhan!

Thank you for your continued interest in Rokuhan products.

We would like to introduce our new Z gauge series, Z SHORTY, released in the 18th JAM exhibition. (Japan Association of Model Railroaders)

【About Z Shorty】
*Z Shorty length is almost half-size of original Z scale railroad cars.
*Display model with high details appearance.
*Use some etched metal parts as well as original Z scale railroad cars.
*Z Shorty can be make run on original Rokuhan tracks with motor unite chassis and trailer chassis ( sold separately).
*Smallest track size (160mm x 110 mm with R45 curved tracks)

Line up planning to be released at present is as follows.

【ST001-1 E5 type Shinkansen 3 Cars Body Set】 
JPY 1,380(tentative price)
*High speed Shinkansen " HAYABUSA" 

【ST002-1 KIHA52 motor car type Body Set】 JPY 780(tentative price)
*Diesel engine car
*Single passenger car

【ST003-1 EF66 Electric Locomotive type Body Set】
JPY 980(tentative price)
*Used etched metal pantagraph
*Able to tow some freight cars

【SA001-1 Motor chassis A type】 JPY 1,480(tentative price)

*Motor car chassis.

【SA002-1 Motor chassis B type for Shinkansen】 JPY 1,480(tentative price)
*Motor car chassis for Shinkansen body
*Used different bogie design.

【SA003-1 Trailer chassis A type】 JPY 980(tentative price)
*Trailer car chassis

【SA004-1 Trailer chassis B type for Shinkansen】 JPY 980(tentative price)
*Trailer car chassis for Shinkansen body.
*Used different bogie design.

【R081 Z Shorty Rail Set】 JPY 2,480(tentative price)
*size 160mm x 110mm

【SA005 Rerailer ( For Z SHORTY only)】 JPY 180(tentative price)

*Rerailer for Z Shorty.


We will start deliver January next year 2018. Please make reservation for our products of your Rokuhan hobby retailer.

*Image and motion pictures are not final. Appearance and specifications subject to change without prior notice.
*"Power Chassis" and "Trailer Chassis" of Z Shorty series are dedicated to Z shorty.
Please be advised that we shall not be responsible for any breakdown, damages and troubles, if it is used for other models. 


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