Official Announcement of E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi

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Official Announcement of E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi

Thanks for your continued interest in Rokuhan products!

Finally, "E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi" will be official release as basic, extension, and starter set each! Why don't you start your Z-gauge with "E6 Type shinkansen Komachi"? Let's take a look E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi!

Product Line-up

T029-1 E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi 3 Car Basic Set】  JPY15,800(tax excluded)
Formation: E611-5 + E628-5+ E621-5

E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi 4 Car Extension Set】  JPY16,800(tax excluded)
Formation:E625-5 + E625-105 + E627-5 + E629-5

001e6kihon.JPG 002e6zouketsu.JPG

【G005-1 E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi Starter Set】  JPY19,000(tax excluded
Formation: E611-5 + E628-5+ E621-5 (Same as T029-1)

003e6starter.png 004e6starterkumita.jpg

【About E5】
*Brand new precise mold for E5 type shinkansen provides complex streamlined head/tail car body shape
*Nose cover for coupler protection for head/tail car can be detachable without any tool
*T029-1 Basic Set and G005-1 Starter Set will be complete formation with T029-2 Extension Set(sold separately)
*It can be run R195 curved tracks
*Includes constant head/tail light system with switch
*Available to install A030"Room Light for Shinkansen Front Car"(sold separately) and A009"Room Light Type A"(sold separately)

005e6head.png 006e6treasure.png

【What is the E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi"?】
E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi was developed for high speed shinkansen that it gets maximum speed 320 km/h and for replacement old-type shinkansen, "E3 Type shinkansen". This E6 Type Shinkansen has been in service between Tohoku area since 2013.  

007e6asobikouka.png 008e6asobimomiji.jpg

Release date of E6 Shinkansen Komachi series will be in July!
Don't miss it!

【Office Open Calendar】

Here is office open calendar of May, June, July, and August.

E5.6.jpg E7.8.jpg

You could also check calendar on ROKUHAN SHOWROOM page anytime. Please use calendar anytime to make sure office open date.


Office hours will be changed. 

Until April, office hours  :   9:00-12:00  /  13:00-17:00
From May, office hours  :  10:00-12:00  /  13:00-17:00

Please make sure office open date and office hours before coming.

In addition, between 3/May and 7/May will be closed as holidays. Please send your inquiry to any form (Rokuhan online shop, Rokuhan Support, and TEL) after resuming work day on 8/May. Thanks for your understanding in advance! 


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