Delivery of "Deck Girder Bridge (Short)" and "Iron Bridge Single (Short)" will start in June!

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Delivery of "Deck Girder Bridge (Short)" and "Iron Bridge Single (Short)" will start in June!

Thanks for your continued interest in Rokuhan products!

We Rokuhan will start delivery of

R085 Deck Girder Bridge (Short)Dark red
R086 Deck Girder Bridge (Short)Green
R087 Deck Girder Bridge (Short)Dark gray

Iron Bridge Single (Short)Red
R089 Iron Bridge Single (Short)Green
Iron Bridge Single (Short)Dark gray

in June in Japan, then will start delivery for overseas.

【R085 Deck Girder Bridge (Short)Dark red JPY1,180(tax excluded)

R085.jpg R085 side.jpg

Deck Girder Bridge (Short)Green】 JPY1,180(tax excluded)
R086.jpg R086 side.jpg

【R087 Deck Girder Bridge (Short)Dark gray JPY1,180(tax excluded)
R087.jpg R087 side.jpg

【Feature of Deck Girder Bridge
R085 sizeM.jpg  0413MAUEa.png R085-Layout.jpg

*Its total length is 55mm. (half size of R070,R071,R072)
*It offers realistic rendering even its size is 1/220!
*This "Deck Girder Bridge" series are good way to use for small layout!

【R088 Iron Bridge Single (Short)Red】 JPY1,280(tax excluded)
R088.jpg R088 sidem.jpg

【R089 Iron Bridge Single (Short)Green】 JPY1,280(tax excluded)
R089.jpg R089 sidem.jpg

【R090 Iron Bridge Single (Short)Dark gray】 JPY1,280(tax excluded)
R090.jpg R090 sidem.jpg

【Feature of Iron Bridge

R089-sizem.jpg R089-Design.jpg

0413KASENa(kai).jpg bridgeshortDIORAMA.jpg

*Its total length is 110mm (harf size of R041 and R042, R061)
*We Rokuhan developed newly mold for this "Iron Bridge" series! Feel its realistic texture!
*Available to attach "S020 Overhead Mast(Single)".

Note: R088, R089, R090 are not included 
track. Please purchase "R045 Straight Track 110mm without track bed" separately.
Includes screws for fixing
 "R045 Straight Track 110mm without track bed"

*It provides multi- level crossing area on your diorama bench-works easily!

Note: All "Deck Girder Bridge (Short)" and "Iron Bridge Single (Short)" in photos are molded samples.
It will be different from actual products.

Let's go to the retail shop nearby you for making reservation!

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