Introduce of 115 Type 1000 electric car series in Shinano Railway!

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Introduce of 115 Type 1000 electric car series in Shinano Railway!

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Breaking news in March 2017 from Shinano Railway Co.Ltd(しなの鉄道株式会社); 115 Type 1000 electric cars with Old Nagano color(旧長野色), which is already on Rokuhan line-up will be coming back as revival project, from 8/April!

This old Nagano color version 115 Type electric cars have been in service in Nagano prefecture area such as Shinetsu main line(信越本線) between Karuizawa(軽井沢) - Nagano(長野) station from in 1989 to in 1992.

Taking this opportunity, we Rokuhan would like to introduce of our line-up "115 Type" series!

【History of 115 Type electric cars in Shinano Railway (Shinetsu Main Line)】

115 Type 1000 electric car which were in service on Shinetsu main line(信越本線), and which was under administration of East Japan Railway company(JR東日本) between Karuizawa(軽井沢) - Shinonoi(篠ノ井) or Nagano(長野) - Myoko kogen(妙高高原) was developed by following base design of 115 Type 300 for update package of 70 Type and 80 Type commuter cars and its main point features were anti-snow and cold resistant equipments. 

In 1989, Old Nagano color version 115 Type 1000 electric car was started to be in service until 1992. Old Nagano color is based on mainly ivory white, fresh green, and red line.

In 1992, 115 Type electric car was re-painted with Nagano color(長野色). This color was same as 183 Type electric car "Azusa(あずさ)". Nagano color is based on mainly white, sky blue, and green line.

After then, in 1997, East Japan Railway company transferred ownership of line between Shinonoi(篠ノ井) - Karuizawa(軽井沢) to Shinano Railway Co.Ltd(しなの鉄道株式会社). Then, 115 Type electric cars are still in service with new color decoration, it's called Shinano color(しなの色). This color based on mainly gray, red, and white line. Here are our line-up of 115 Type electric cars in Shinano Railway(Shinetsu Main Line) below!

【T011-1 JR 115 Type Electric car Old Nagano color】          JPY12,800(exclude tax)
115sinano001.JPG 115sinano006.JPG 115sinano002c.JPG

Old Nagano color cars will be good way for first your experience for feeling Japanese old local line "Shinetsu Main Line".

【T011-6 JR 115 Type Electric car Nagano color】                JPY12,800(exclude tax)
115sinano003.JPG 115sinano010.png 115sinano004.JPG

Nagano color cars are best idea to make more realism with your diorama benchworks at green mountain area.

【T011-8 Shinano Railway 115 Type Electric car】                JPY12,800(exclude tax)
115sinano005.JPG 115sinano009.jpg 115sinano008.jpg

If you prefer to modernized color of 115 Type electric car, here will be your answer! 

【About T011 series】

*Available A009 Room Light A(sold separately)
*Printed own car number
*It can run on R95 curved tracks
*Head/Tail lightning OK
*Include "Fuse" and "Antenna" as consumer apply parts
*Includes "Diaphragm" for head cars
*Includes car number label as consumer apply 
*Louver for cooling duct is rendered at body side of one head car and middle cars each 

How do you like 115 Type electric cars? We Rokuhan could offer 115 Type electric cars in Shinano Railway(Shinetsu Main Line) for your collection. Taking this opportunity. why don't you give these classic style Japanese train spotlight on? 

We Rokuhan will keep offering deep story about Japanese train and we hope you will be interest in Japanese train and Z-scale model railway world!



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