Rokuhan 2nd Steam locomotive "C57" will come early 2017 !

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Rokuhan 2nd Steam locomotive "C57" will come early 2017 !

Thanks for your continued interest in Rokuhan products !

We are pleased to announce you about the 2nd Steam loco by Rokuhan, which will be released early 2017.

【T027-1 JNR C57 Steam locomotive #19 first version standard type 】 JPY17,800 (tax excluded)

C57 type Steam loco is one of the most famous Steam locos in Japan, which belonged to JNR and was used to connect passenger cars everywhere in Japan.

C57 type Steam loco is followed by water/coal tender car, which is different from C11 Steam loco with water/coal tank on its body. 

This model T027-1 is the primary version of this series and has thinner boiler than other old versions.  It looked like a lady with thin feet and was called as "a Noble lady".  



< Feature of T027 series >

● Head lighting OK!

● The Arnold coupler is enclosed as an accessory for double heading connection!

● In addition to the Deflector (side panel) which is represented by Metal plate.
And cooling pipes, water supply pump etc., are also represented by detailed engrave !

● Its can run on R145 curved track!

C57 Steam loco will match such Rokuhan structures :

  S037  Digital turntable

  S038  Round engine house

Also new engine house will be released at the same timing like this :

  S051-1  Wood engine house (Dark brown)

  S051-2  Wood engine house (Brown)   

IMG_0888.jpg IMG_0736.JPG

Do not forget to make reservation at your retail shop nearby you !

The year 2016 is going to close and today is the last working day for ROKUHAN.

We released so many Z-scale items into the market this year, and the reaction from the market increased so much and we believe the brand name ROKUHAN was more known to many people in the world.

We ROKUHAN will continue to do our best to design and release more attractive products into the Z-scale model railroad market in 2017 and onward.

We appreciate more help of website readers onward. 

All the Rokuhan support, such as Rokuhan website, web support, Rokuhan Show-room will be closed until Jan.04,2017 and resume working on Jan.05,2017.

We ROKUHAN staffs now provide many thanks to all the people who were interested in Z-scale and ROKUHAN. 

You all may have a happy new year !



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