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Another info about ROKUHAN SHOW ROOM

This is the another information about ROKUHAN SHOW ROOM, which was opened early July 2015. 

ROKUHAN SHOW ROOM is located in Tochigi city.
Tochigi city called 'Little Edo(Koedo , 小江戸)' or 'Storehouse Town(Kura no machi , 蔵の街)'.
There are a lot old Well preserved historical buildings and streets.
Tochigi city is a popular tourist resort with about 5.6 million visitors every year.
The old Tochigi station building were moved to and still stand in Mahojin super car museum in the city(It is 6 minutes on foot from the ' Sogo Undo Koen Nishi ' bus stop of Tochigi City Fureai Bus Terao Line).
Please, by all means, drop in when you go sightseeing.

All ROKUHAN is displayed here

including special items which were sold only at train exhibitions in Japan.

Some junk parts are also sold here

Some parts at the development stage are also sold here, which are not sold anywhere.

There is a specialist about ROKUHAN products

Any queries about ROKUHAN products are welcomed.

ROKUHAN will be changed day by day.  Please keep your eyes on ROKUHAN !

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【Opening days】
TCGDATE2008a.png TCGDATE2009.png

【Opening hour】
10:00 - 12:00
13:00 - 17:00


POST CODE・・・328-0042
ADDRESS・・・7-27, Numawada, Tochigi-city,Tochigi, Japan

【Google Map】

Information about ROKUHAN TOKYO SHOWROOM: Rokuhan Tokyo Showroom's Opening Hour! ROKUHAN Retailer's list in Japan: 2020retailer's_list(ENG).pdf

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