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Delivery of Station set / One-sided platform set starts on August!

We Rokuhan start delivery of

S047-1,2   Train station set
S048-1   One-sided platform set

on August 2016 in Japan and oversea countries.

【S047-1 Station set (Blue)】  JPY 2,980
【S047-2 Station set (Red)】  JPY 2,980
S047-1.JPG S047-2.JPG
S047pt.jpg S047di.jpg
S047-1a.jpg S047-2a.jpg

●2 color variations. 
●Included consumer apply labels.
●Making light-up station with LED lightning system (A017)
●Station set platform can be made longer with sided platform(S048-1)

【S048-1 One-sided platform set】  JPY 1,600
S048.JPG S048ptjpg.jpg
IMG_9859.jpg S048di.jpg
IMG_9862.jpg S048-a.jpg

●Included consumer apply labels.
●Platform end made by put fence or slope.

Let' go the retail shop nearby you for reservation!


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New information about additional layout plans & Rokuhan showroom business days

Thanks for your continued interest in Rokuhan Z scale products!
New layout plans are going to be added!

This time layout plans are suitable for "S046 - Island Platform series" which will be released in July 2016.

Plan AC  - - - - -A plan to use two Island platforms, which can make 5 lines and two switch yards.

Plan AD - - - - - A plan to use the curved turnout, which can make small switch yard and there is a turnout between double tracks.

Plan AE - - - - - A small size plan which consists of double tracks and S046-2 (Island platform extension set), and there is Double crossover between the double tracks.

Plan AF - - - - - A plan to use viaducts and Island platform, which can make clossover spot and it's the main view point of this layout plan.

0708_AC23.jpg 0708_AD.jpg 0708_AE.jpg 0708_AF.jpg

Please try on such new plans!

Here is the link to Rokuhan layout plans --> ROKUHAN Layout plan

And here is a business days schedule of Rokuhan showroom.  

7-8eng.jpg 9-10eng.jpg

It has been 1 year since Rokuhan showroom was opened!
Thanks for your visit to our showroom!
We need your great support and are looking forward to seeing you!


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Report of 8th Kyoto Rail Exposition in Japan

Welcome to Rokuhan booth of 8th Kyoto Rail Exposition which was held in Kyoto from June/25 to Jun/26.

It was the first attendance to exhibit in west area of Japan.

The outstanding items which collected visitor's eyes were like this.

- 500 type Shinkansen EVA version

- e-Train Controller

- C57 Steam locomotive

Here are the summary scenes at Rokuhan booth in a day as well as other Z-scale exhibitors in Japan.

< ROKUHAN booth >


Whole view of Rokuhan booth

Main stage with Rokuhan rolling stock old & new

Rokuhan tracks full line-up

Rokuhan's coming new structures

500 type Shinkansen EVANGELION

e-Train controller

C57 Steam loco 

The peak time with crowded visitors

< Other exhibitors - Team "Z-Family" >

IMG_979.jpg IG_9716.jpg

IMG_965.jpg IMG_976.jpg


< Other Z-scale makers >

ADVANCE (Structure)

IMG81.jpg IMG_964.jpg

SANKEI (Structure)


 IMG_962 (2).jpg 

We hope "ROKUHAN" brand was recognized by most visitors.


We ROKUHAN, in addition, will make efforts to build a pleasant space in coming exhibition where the families can enjoy. 


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Delivery of JNR 103 Emerald Green Jo-ban Line / JNR 103 Green Kansai Line starts on June/23 !

We Rokuhan start delivery of

T022-9      JNR 103 Emerald Green Jo-ban Line 4cars Basic set
T022-10    JNR 103 Emerald Green Jo-ban Line 3cars Extention set
T022-11    JNR 103 Green Kansai Line 6cars set

on June.23 in Japan. Also started delivery for overseas same day.

T022-9 JNR 103 Emerald Green Jo-ban Line 4cars Basic set】  JPY 15,800

T022-10 JNR 103 Emerald Green Jo-ban Line 3cars Extention set】    JPY 9,000

Jo-ban line starts from Ueno station for Toride station, runs in city area.

T022-11 JNR 103 Green Kansai Line 6cars set】  JPY 21,800


Yellow tie on the nose is called "Warning color".  A large head light is also the symbol of this connection, running between Nagoya and Osaka.

Combining basic set (T022-9) and two extension set (T022-10) will become total 10 cars connection which is same
 as full-size car connection. 

The car number 103-134 (head car) in T022-9 and the large head light (head car) in T022-11 are made by new mold which you've never seen.  

Let's go the retail shop nearby you for reservation !


Follow us on Facebook:Delivery of JNR 103 Emerald Green Jo-ban Line / JNR 103 Green Kansai Line starts on June/23!

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ROKUHAN will attend an exhibition in Kyoto, 8th Rail Expo Kyoto

We would like to announce to all Rokuhan lover that we are going to attend "8th Rail Expo Kyoto" !


    To access easier, this site may help you though it's in Japanese.

Date : Saturday June 25. 2016, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
          Sunday   June 26. 2016, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm 

Please visit our booth to see Rokuhan's Z scale world!
We will sell some limited goods only available at the show!

Of course "500 Type Shinkansen EVANGELION" is coming!
And another big wave, our first ROKUHAN DCC system, "Smart Train Controller" is also coming at show!

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Kyoto! 

8-kyoto.jpg 8-kyoto2_ol.jpg


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[Breaking News] 500TYPE Shinkansen "EVANGELION" version will be released shortly!

【500 TYPE Shinkansen EVA will be miniatured by Rokuhan】

The 40th anniversary of "Sanyo Shinkansen" and 20th anniversary of popular animation TV program "EVANGELION" occurred in November 2015.

Due to the concurrence of two anniversary, the big project 500 type EVA was started.

An 8 cars consist of 500 type Shinkansen was decorated with EVA characters and will be in service until March 2017 between Hakata and Shin-Osaka.


Rokuhan has copied this sophisticated design on Z scare (1/220) model train despite its very small size!

IMG_926723.jpg IMG_9279.JPG

 * ckhara    *Merchandising rights has been applied for West Japan Railway Company.
*All images here is demo version and it might be different from actual product.

It will be released in August 2016. DO NOT miss the next new article from us!


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Let's use "Connector Pin Remover" to hide the annoying cables from your Diorama !

Thanks for your continued interest in Rokuhan Z scale products!

Today we are going to talk about the Pin removal tool.
Before talking about topic, we have a question for you.

How do you hide turnout control wire when making your diorama?
Would you like to avoid the annoying situation shown below? 

* Placing cables under tracks? 
* Making a big hole in your benchwork to drop your cable below the layout base? 


If so, here is the answer for you!

【A018 Connector Pin Remover】  JPY 400
*Only available at Rokuhan showroom and online shop.

How to use it?

1. This tool consists of two pieces, a straight tube and "L" shaped pusher tool.

2. Insert the tube in the connector over pin, and slide down until it reaches bottom of socket, then insert the pusher into the tube, to push the pin from connector body.
IMG_93245.jpg IMG_93274.jpg

Then, switch to another pin to repeat same process.

3. To pass the cable below the turnout, drill 3.5 mm hole at edge of turnout as shown and pass pins throughout one at a time and pull balance of wire through hole.

4. There is a polarity to this and its pins. 
"+" belongs to the cable with white stripe and it goes into the plug in first hole below latch release as shown.  
IMG_93294.jpg PIN60.jpg

5. Install pins by pushing them back into connector body until click in.

Here is the one more tip.

You can also use this tool for removal of pins in "Feeder cable (A008)".
"+" cable goes into connector with white stripe as shown.
PIN50eng.jpg PIN07eng.jpg

As you can see, with this small tool from Rokuhan, will allow you to hide your wring below your diorama or layout. 

Which is better ?

In such complicated layout, appearance is so cool.

Please consider using this tool to push the envelope to build a better looking Z scale diorama or layout.

For order, if you are located nearby Japan, you can contact Rokuhan Online shop directly.  Then A018 Connector Pin Remover is available at JPY 400 /set (Postage will be required separately).

If you are located in USA, you may contact Z-scale Track
If you are located in Euro, you may contact Rokuhan NOCH 

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Enjoy your taste by adding "Diaphragm" on your train !

Thanks for your continued interest in Rokuhan Z scare products.
Today we are going to talk about the Diaphragm

First of all the purpose of the diaphragm is to provide a safe weather proof way for passengers and crew to move between cars while the train has been made up.
In a traditional Japanese Commuter consist (made up train set) the diaphragm's are in place on all center line doors except front door of head end and rear door of tail end car, so no need for a diaphragm, however there are occasions when two consists are to be connected, then diaphragms must be installed on these doors.   
Diaphragm is detached when not needed and attached when required.
Rokuhan diaphragm is designed to be attached or detachable.

Here is the list of Rokuhan train to which Rokuhan diaphragm can be installed on head end or tail end cars.

Type 113, Type 115, Type 415, KIHA 52, KIHA 24 and Type 50 

Rokuhan diaphragm was copied successfully based on full sized train, but is very small.

It's designed to be very simple to install or remove without using any tools!

Let's compare head end cars with and without diaphragm attached.

IMG_920222.jpg IMG_9231.jpg
Appearance is dramatically changed when diaphragm is attached.

It also makes head end cars connect more realistically!

Now you know the diaphragm is very important to make your train more realistic, please consider adding them to your trains!


We have also posted on Facebook. Your comments are welcome!

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