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Introduction of ROKUHAN DCC Decoder!!

Thank you for your continued support and interesting ROKUHAN products. 

We will introduce following new products again because of sooner sales start in Japanese market.

   1. A053 DCC Decoder General Purpose Type

   2. A059 DCC Decoder Room Light Multiple Type

A053 is smaller and general use type DCC Decoder and can be put in Z Shorty chassis.
A059 is best fit with ROKUAHN locos which can be set ROKUHAN room light. 
It is no affect for locos appearance and ordinal room light function..

We will introduce both products by movie for your easy understand.
Also we will put primly information about new Turnout/Accessory Decoder.

Please got movie site

We will start sales on A053 and A059 on early JUL/2018.

* Turnout/Accessory Decoder spec. and design are subjective because it is under developing.

Information about ROKUHAN TOKYO SHOWROOM: Rokuhan Tokyo Showroom's Opening Hour!

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