Introduction of Z shorty Container Carrier Car

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Introduction of Z shorty Container Carrier Car

Thank you for your continued interest in ROKUHAN product!

We will start sales of Z shorty series soon as we informed.

And we are developing Z shorty Container Carrier Car

We will show prototype one

SA006-1 Container Carrier Car  (Price T.B.D.)

STcontenakihon01B.jpg STcontenakihon02B.jpg

STcontenanose01B.jpg STcontenanose02B.jpg

Z shorty size one container carrier car
Best match with EF66 motor car

Container carrier car included bogie 
You can connect it with motor chassis and play immediately after get it.

Can be put any ROKUHAN container box on this carrier car.

STcontenaasobi01.jpg STcontenaasobi02.jpg

We will announce sales information once confirmed.
Also we continuously develop another Z shorty bodies and chassis.
Please wait future information from ROKUHAN.


Notice of ROKUHAN showroom open time change.

Business hour : 11:00 ~ 19:00 ( Sat.,San. and National Holiday)

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