Delivery of "Switch-Yard Set" will start in February 2018!

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Delivery of "Switch-Yard Set" will start in February 2018!

Thank you for your continued interest in Rokuhan products!

We Rokuhan will start delivery of "Switch-Yard Set" to be released in February 2018.

R080 Switch-Yard Set
 JPY8,800 (excluding tax)

R080PKG.jpg R080MAUE.jpg

【Details of Switch-Yard Set

*This new track set is for make expanding your layout. You can place a DE10 or freight cars the short yard track, as well as, switching, the longer yard track. 

You can expand your train operations further by using our new e-Train controller C005 (DCC) which is sold separately.

The R080 set is more reasonably priced than buying each piece separately. 

We recommended this set for new users, also expert users.

【Package content

*Straight track 55mm x 2 pcs

*Straight track 110mm x 2 pcs

*Straight track 220mm x 7 pcs

*Curved track R220-45° x 8 pcs

*Curved track R490-13° x 1 pcs

*53.6mm trimmed straight track (left hand) x 2 pcs

*Double slip turnout x 1 pc

*Bumper track x 2 pcs

【Description of Double Slip Turnout

*It is an electric turnout which crosses the main track at a 13 degree angle.

*In addition to one rail crossing function, it also has two turnout functions.

IMG_1410.jpg IMG_1401.jpg

IMG_1378.jpg IMG_1391.jpg

Please make reservation for our products at your Rokuhan hobby retailer.

*All appearance and specifications subject to change without prior notice.


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