Digital turntable reproduction!

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Digital turntable reproduction!

Thank you for your continued interest in Rokuhan products.

We decided to reproduce S037, "Digital Turntable"!

【S037 Digital Turntable】 JPY 28,000(excluding tax)

Content: body, turntable controller, gap joiner, instruction sheet
   Size: Dia 170mm x Height 22mm (from bottom to track top) 

【About Digital Turntable】

*It is a motorized 
railway turntable which can be set into your layout.
*It is used digitally controlled stepper motor, so it can set turntable position accurately.
*Turntable turns clockwise or counterclockwise direction and rotate 180 degrees by press button for few second.
*It can be connected with Rokuhan C005, e-Train controller, then you can operate it by smart phone or tablet.


*The turntable control cabin is removable.
*S038, Round House (one or more), will fit with S037, Digital Turntable.
*Required A028, Rokuhan AC adapter, when connected with S037, Digital Turntable only.
*Not required A028 Rokuhan AC adapter, when connected with S037, Digital Turntable, with RC-03, controller, or C005, e-Train controller.
*The A036 extension cable, may be required depending on your layout size.
Note: A028, A036, RC-03, and S038 are sold separately.


*All appearance and specifications subject to change without prior notice.


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