Delivery of "E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi" and "MINI BRIEFCASE LAYOUT" start!

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Delivery of "E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi" and "MINI BRIEFCASE LAYOUT" start!

Thanks for your continued interest in Rokuhan products!

We Rokuhan start delivery of E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi and MINI BRIEFCASE LAYOUT in Japan, then will start delivery for overseas.

T029-1 E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi 3 Cars Basic Set】  JPY15,800(tax excluded)
Formation: E611-5 + E628-5+ E621-5

Type Shinkansen Komachi 4 Cars Extension Set】  JPY16,800(tax excluded)
Formation:E625-5 + E625-105 + E627-5 + E629-5
001e6kihon.JPG 002e6zouketsu.JPG

【G005-1 E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi  Starter Set】 JPY19,000(tax exluded)
Formation: E611-5 + E628-5+ E621-5

003e6starter2.png 004e6starterkumita.jpg

About E6
*Brand new precise mold for E6 type shinkansen provides complex streamlined head/tail car body shape
*Nose cover for coupler protection for head/tail car can be detachable without any tool
*T029-1 Basic Set and G005-1 Starter Set will be complete formation with T029-2 Extension Set(sold separately)
*It can be run R195 curved tracks
*Includes constant head/tail light system with switch
*Available to install A030"Room Light for Shinkansen Front Car"(sold separately) and A009"Room Light Type A"(sold separately)

005e6head.png 006e6treasurekai.png

【What is the E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi"?】
E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi was developed for high speed shinkansen that it gets maximum speed 320 km/h and for replacement old-type shinkansen, "E3 Type shinkansen". This E6 Type Shinkansen has been in service at Tohoku area since 2013.  

011e6yuki.jpg 009asobifum.png

【S058 MINI BRIEFCASE LAYOUT】 JPY 98,000 (tax excluded)

minittoji.jpg minithiraki.jpg
【About S058
*Height: 285 mm. Length: 355 mm, Width: 95 mm
Smaller than existing briefcase layout. Height: 175 mm Length: 235 mm Width: 75 mm.
*Everyone can carry easily and anywhere, along with the miniaturization and weight reduction.
*It is able to run R95 curved tracks. Miniaturized-size Z gauge runs though the small briefcase.
*Diorama is a completed product. You can enjoy soon, once you prepare controller and cars sold separately.

IMG_1534.jpg IMG_1542.jpg minitue.jpg minitsoukou.jpg
Note: All "E6 type Shinkansen komachi" and "MINI BRIEFCASE LAYOUT" in photos are molded samples.
          All appearance and specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Let's go to the retail shop nearby you for making purchase!


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