【e-train controller 2】Introduction of more useful functions for e-train controller!

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【e-train controller 2】Introduction of more useful functions for e-train controller!

Thank you for your continued interest in Rokuhan product!

We Rokuhan will inform you continuously following of the latest arrival information on July 24th.
It is an epochal product "e-Train controller" which is already start presale order, and can be operated model train by smartphone and tablet.


C005 e-train controller
  JPY 24,800 (tax excluded)
etre2hontai.jpg etre2naiyou2.jpg etre2speaker2.JPG

1 e-train controller
2) AC adapter 12V
3) Phone cable 3.5DIA
4) Exclusive feeder cable for e-train controller
5) Instruction manual (Japanese& English)

e-train controller specification and functions
*Able to operate model train by your own smartphone or tablet!
*Easy process!  All you can operate e-train controller by wiring only 3 cables  
*Get free app for e-train controller from both Android and iOS app store!
*You can operate your DC and DCC cars by e-train controller!
*Pre-installed "Train sound", "horn", and "crossing alarm sound" etc.
*Included speaker in the e-train controller body!  Furthermore, supported external sound output terminal ( 3.5DIA), and able to connect with high quality outer speaker 
*Operate not only Rokuhan Z gauge, but also other Z gauge, N gauge, and HO gauge cars.
*Operate your car by wireless connection via third-party Bluetooth audio receivers (sold separately)
*Favorite sounds and music in your smartphone or tablet come out from e-train controller speaker.
*Easy set up your DCC cars without complicated programming work
*Rokuhan has started development of own decoder, release date will be announced soon

We would like to show movie for explanation of e-train controller important functions.

Products will be on sale in August 2017.
Please wait for our next hot news!

* All in pictures are molded samples.
*All appearance and specifications subject to change without prior notice.


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