【e-train controller 1】Start booking and introduction for the e-train controller!

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【e-train controller 1】Start booking and introduction for the e-train controller!

Thank you for your continued interest in Rokuhan products!

Rokuhan epochal new product "e-train controller" had appeared this time!
You can operate your model train by your smartphone or tablet with e-train controller.

etrain top.jpg

C005 e-train controller  JPY 24,800 (tax excluded)
4571324593968_1.jpg 4571324593968_eng.jpg

1 e-train controller
2) AC adapter 12V
3) Phone cable 3.5DIA
4) Exclusive feeder cable for e-train controller
5) Instruction manual (Japanese & English)

e-train controller specification and functions
*Able to operate model train by your own smartphone or tablet!
*Easy process!  All you can operate e-train controller by wiring only 3 cables  
*Get free app for e-train controller from both Android and iOS app store!
*You can operate your DC and DCC cars by e-train controller!
*Pre-installed "Train sound", "horn", and "crossing alarm sound" etc.
*Included speaker in the e-train controller body!  Furthermore, supported external sound output terminal ( 3.5DIA), and able to connect with high quality outer speaker 
*Operate not only Rokuhan Z gauge, but also other Z gauge, N gauge, and HO gauze cars.
*Operate your car by wireless connection via third-party Bluetooth audio receivers (sold separately)
*Favorite sounds and music in your smartphone or tablet come out from e-train controller speaker.
*Easy set up your DCC cars without complicated programing work
*Rokuhan has started development of own decoder, release date will be announced soon

We would like to show movie for explanation of e-train controller important functions.

How much do you have interesting e-train controller?
We will make up date more information of e-train controller on next time.

We will start deliver on August 2017.
Please make booking the store where is close to your living place.

*All in pictures are molded samples.
*All appearance and specifications subject to change without prior notice.


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