Delivery of "E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi" "TOBU Railway SL TAIJU Type" will start in July!

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Delivery of "E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi" "TOBU Railway SL TAIJU Type" will start in July!

Thanks for your continued interest in Rokuhan products!

We Rokuhan will start delivery of

T019-5 C11 Steam Locomotive Number  207 TOBU Railway SL"TAIJU" Type

T032-1 YO8000 Type Guard's van TOBU Railway SL "TAIJU" Type 2cars set

T029-1 E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi 3 Cars Basic Set

T029-2 E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi 4 Cars Extension Set

G005-1 E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi Starter Set

in July in Japan, also start delivery for overseas soon after.

Product Line-up

【T019-5 C11 Steam Locomotive Number 207 TOBU Railway SL "TAIJU" Type】JPY12,800(tax excluded)


【About T019-5 C11 Steam Locomotive No. 207 TOBU Railway SL "TAIJU" Type spec】
*Symbolized headlight is made by brand-new mold
*Includes "TAIJU(大樹)" head mark
*Unique looks chimney is also made by brand-new mold
*Includes snowplow
*Deflector is made by sharp etching parts
*Includes a front detachable arnold coupler for double heading operation
*It can run R95 curved track

【Brief story of C11 steam locomotive and "TAIJU"】
C11 steam locomotive, was developed as tank locomotive in 1932 and had been in service between urban and local countryside area widely for short distance transport. Its small body lengths helped shuttle service operation, especially on urban area without turntable. And now, one of the C11 steam locomotive, "No.207 TAIJU(大樹) type", which will be in service on Kinugawa line(鬼怒川線) between Shimoimaichi(下今市) to
Kinugawaonsen(鬼怒川温泉) by Tobu Railway(東武鉄道) in 2017, we Rokuhan will officially offer as new Rokuhan C11 series! This C11 TAIJU type has unique two headlight in front face, and we Rokuhan succeeded to make this unique headlight completely by new tooling! 

【T032-1 YO 8000 Type Guard's van TOBU Railway"TAIJU"Type 2 cars set】
(tax excluded)
yo8634nanamelightB.png yo8709nanamelightB.png

Car Numbers:YO 8634, YO 8709

【About YO 8000 Type Guard's van spec】
* Completely rendered based on Tobu Railway owned YO 8000
* "Handrails" are made by sophisticated precisive etching parts
* Assembled weight plate inside body provides stable running performance
* "Tail lamp" is reproduced by print
* Reproduced car number and wording completely with white printing

【What is YO 8000? 】
YO 8000 is a caboose which was developed by JNR between 1974 and 1979 for updating previous JNR owned caboose. Before retired in 1989, this caboose was used in Japan widely to support train crew for their job. After retired, this caboose is actually still owned by JR now and sometimes used in very rare case and Tobu Railway has purchased this freight car for their service.

yo8000kikankob.png yoasobi.png

T029-1 E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi 3 Cars Basic Set】 JPY15,800(tax excluded)

Formation: E611-5 + E628-5+ E621-5

T029-2 E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi 4 Cars Extension Set】 JPY16,800(tax excluded)
Formation:E625-5 + E625-105 + E627-5 + E629-5


【G005-1 E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi Starter Set】  JPY19,000(tax excluded
Formation: E611-5 + E628-5+ E621-5 (Same as T029-1)

003e6starter2.png 004e6starterkumita.jpg

【About E6】
*Brand new precise mold for E6 type shinkansen provides complex streamlined head/tail car body shape
*Nose cover for coupler protection for head/tail car can be detachable without any tool
*T029-1 Basic Set and G005-1 Starter Set will be complete formation with T029-2 Extension Set(sold separately)
*It can be run R195 curved tracks
*Includes constant head/tail light system with switch
*Available to install A030"Room Light for Shinkansen Front Car"(sold separately) and A009"Room Light Type A"(sold separately)

【What is the E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi"?】
E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi was developed for high speed shinkansen that it gets maximum speed 320 km/h and for replacement old-type shinkansen, "E3 Type shinkansen". This E6 Type Shinkansen has been in service between Tohoku area since 2013.  

011e6yuki.jpg 009asobifum.png

Release date of E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi series will be in July!
Don't miss it!

Note: All contents in pictures might be different from actual products without notice.

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