Tips for improving detail of Wood Engine House!

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Tips for improving detail of Wood Engine House!

Thanks for your continued interest in Rokuhan products!

We Rokuhan already have released "Wood Engine House" series as Rokuhan structures and would like to get an opportunity to introduce tips for improving detail of "Wood Engine House"!

This time key item is "LED light".

Imagine if somebody who is one of your hobby friends say, "I'm finally done installing LED lights on my models!" Maybe you will assume that he is done installing LED lights for head/tail/room light on something his model trains.

But, Rokuhan is beyond your assuming! We Rokuhan already have been releasing LED lights set as accessory for installing on Rokuhan structures series.

Let's see how to install LED lights on your own Rokuhan structures taking example of "Wood Engine House" series to improve detail more real!    

【S051-1 Wood Engine House(Dark Blown)】 JPY1,980(tax exclude)
S051-12.jpg S051-2-2.jpg

【S051-2 Wood Engine House(Blown)】 JPY1,980(tax exclude)
S052-22.jpg S051-10-2.jpg

About Wood Engine House series
*2 colors line-up! Choose your favorite color!
*Includes consumer apply labels each!
*Light up inside using A017 LED set(sold separately)

【A017-2 LED Set B】 JPY680(tax exclude)

This LED color is "Orange", that is right for old-style building such as Japanese traditional shops and "Wood Engine House" are! 


【A016 Accessory Power Terminal】 JPY880(tax exclude)

This terminal has five sockets for LED lights cables and own socket for connecting with RC03 Train Controller (sold separately) or C002 Accessory Switch (sold separately) to switch on-off.

*Recommended Connection Pattern*
There are two recommended way of installation of LED lights .

Pattern 1. 
RC03 Train Controller 
A016 Accessory Power Terminal
A017-1 or 2, LED Set series 

Pattern 2.
RC02 Train Controller
C002 Accessory Switch
A016 Accessory Power Terminal
A017-1 or 2, LED Set series

How to install

*This instruction is based on "Pattern1", let's take a look at each step below!

1. Set LED in place first, then hook cable at every boss wall-side. 

2. Insert socket from LED set (male) at socket from "Accessory Power Terminal"(female), then insert socket from "Accessory Power Terminal"(male) at socket from "RC03 Train Controller" (female).  

Advanced Tip
To hide each cables(from LED light, controller, terminal) is very effective way to be more real, especially on diorama bench-works. This basic technique is just wiring at back side. Not so much complicated, but so much important for realism! Now you already know this tip, let's hide cable well to be more real!

IMG_9841logo.png IMG_9848logo.png

Have you ever thought about installing LED lights on structure component? This is good opportunity to install LED light!  

No doubt that Rokuhan train models are all sophisticated and precise, but let's enhance your own Rokuhan z scale world be more real, not just only trains, but also structures on your diorama bench-works! 


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