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Tips for loading container on freight car!

Thanks for your continued interest in Rokuhan products!

This time's theme is "Container" and "freight car".

We Rokuhan already have released freight car "Koki 106" for carrying containers and would like to have a time to let us introduce some tips and background to be more fun and realistic your Rokuhan Z scale world!

【T007-1 Koki 106 Blue ver 2cars set】 JPY3,200 (tax excluded)
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*All Rokuhan container series (sold separately) are assembled OK!

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*All Rokuhan container series (sold separately) are assembled OK!

All Rokuhan "Koki 106" series has red light reflector as consumer apply parts!
Just insert light reflector in place at rear side! Not needed any special works! 

Background of freight car in Japan
Before the period of dramatic economic growth in Japan, freight cars were main transportation way to carry many supplies by just one-time. But, situation was changed; thanks to high-demand of construction for highways because of economic growth at that period of Japan, people shifted to use trucks as main transportation way to carry supplies instead of freight cars. It seems trucks were monopoly of transportation way in Japan. But, recent years, they said that freight cars are eco-friendly - releases less gas emission than tracks, now freight cars got spotlight again. Rokuhan modeled up one, "Koki 106" is also one of freight cars got spotlight and is main factor of pushing sensational waves that its eco-friendly side.

Do you know how do containers be loaded on freight cars in actual scene?

In actual scene of loading containers on freight cars, it seems containers just be loaded on freight cars as much as possible. But, actually no, there are important rules; according to safety point of view, weight of containers each and its total amount, its size, and its mounting position, are necessary factor for safe delivery, and avoiding critical accidents when running. Even there is enough space for loading, sometimes containers don't be loaded if condition of safe may not be met.

Now, let's see how to load containers using "Koki 106" and Rokuhan container series, and please try it with your "Koki 106" and Rokuhan container series to be same as actual loading containers scene on your Z-scale world to enhance realism! 

Example of loading containers on Koki 106

12ft Container (A103, A104 series)

12ft containers are most common size container in Japanese logistics scene, JRF has at least 50,000 pcs 12ft containers and carry anywhere nationwide. Maximum loading quantity on Koki 106 is 5 containers.


20ft Container (A105,A106,A107,A108 series)

20ft containers are world-standard size container. Maximum loading quantity on Koki 106 is 3 containers.


30ft Container (A102 series)

30ft containers are one of the biggest size container in Japanese logistics scene. Maximum loading quantity on Koki 106 is 2 containers.


40ft Container (A101 series)

40ft containers are world-standard size container as sea transportation. Its size is quite big, so maximum loading quantity on Koki 106 is just 1 container.


How can containers be loaded if each containers are different size?

-It's possible to load different size containers!-

Let's see a picture below. It's possible to load a few size containers by one "Koki 106". Of course, they are following rules to be safe in actual scene as you already know. Let's load containers on your Koki 106 based on these tips!


Have you ever thought about loading containers on freight cars and knew that they are loaded based on rules for safety before read this time article? Now, you already know and could try to arrange with your Koki 106 and Rokuhan containers! You could make formations based on this tips with your needs and create busy-ness on your Koki 106, create a very long line of Koki 106 with fully loaded containers, or not so much containers loaded but it's still recognizable that line of regularity based on its safety! Why don't you load containers on Koki 106 to be same as real one to feel Japanese logistics scene with using Rokuhan products?

We Rokuhan will keep going on offering tips for your Z-scale more fun and hopefully stimulate your curiosity forever!
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